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I'm working on a Swedish course for advanced students of the NHA.
Now I start with the advanced class 3 and is attached to frolic when articles should be or should not be applied applied. What is my question: The challenge is to translate something: That girls. Nothing more. In class you need to solve this with the following demonstrative pronoun: Det där. (Perhaps there are more opportunities) since girls is plural, it is not Det, but in my experience the. But now "girls" "And flicka" is singular, and which is not requested. So "And flickor" is plural, but "flickorna" is also plural with attached article so for me, "the girls." I would translate "the här flickorna.




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Re: working

Hi there im also struggling with the same question
I also posted a tread on this but in dutch. I got an answer that it is "De där flickorna" reason: Because it is, just simply learn. I just replied to bassiehof that it wasn't the reaction i was looking for. So to be continued



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Re: working

Och vad fan är that girls? Om du har lika svårt för engelska som svenska förstår jag att du har problem. Du menar väl those girls? De DÄR flickorna? Als je het in het Nederlands en Engels kan, waarom dan niet in het Zweeds? These girls is de här flickorna of dessa flickor. Je hebt je antwoord dus al gekregen.


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