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Je bent niet ingelogd.

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The confession is not romantic love wallpaper

Dad sent her daughter a letter. First love seems to make me tired. Children struggling with things that children who do not dress like to wear. Sometimes frustrating with double eyelids "rare" her Heart wallpaper . Dad saw the sad than happy, confident child is not alone anymore. It is true that it is easy to "seduce" a person, but it's hard to know that he was not perfect. Mom and Dad loved each other for nearly thirty years. Her mother used  a lot of people looking, beautiful mother and study well. But why her mother chose announced, a person does not have anything special? Mother once said, the only party parents can express laughter "terrible" mother. Because I know I love that smile. Mother of inferiority because of his feet, and often went tight shoes instep love wallpaper . But the parents can take off the high heels so your rhythm and collect both barefoot on the chair. Parents can party really is the mother, per square millimeter. That is trust. Trust, creating a safe atmosphere for the emotional intimacy, tenderness arise. And lovers can entrust to the hands both past, present and its future. I can crush a child who does not trust, but it's hard to live with them. In love, you have  really alone. Despite all the little tricks we can still try to impress the people we love in the early days of dating, intimacy is sticking based on what people who love each other know each other . He needs to know what I make of you - you look like when you get tired, angry, frustrated, elated. He must love me as I was, rather than the picture-perfect love that person in place of human hope. You did see the movie Bridget Jones's Diary, right? There's a scene where Mark Darcy tells "lady" Jones that "I like you, like you still do". And she completely conquered. Why can have such a strong reaction to a question "show-love-not-not-romantic-romantic"? Because Mark told her that he really looked at her and he loved what he saw. He did not say he liked her slim down ten pounds, dressed for a little more polite or a bit prettier. He liked her as she was, unconditionally. She does not need to try to impress him, by Mark really was impressed then. Credibility can not naturally have, whether it is two people love each other passionately. It takes time and effort hd wallpapers . Listen to him, respect him and his opinions, and accept him as he is still the same. And you will be rewarded . Like mother like father fell in love with the same. Knew he was in love with her because people really will make you feel true love is paradise, where you can abandon any "weapon". It allows you  really alone without fear of ridicule and rejection. That amazing infinity.


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Re: The confession is not romantic love wallpaper

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Re: The confession is not romantic love wallpaper

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