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Voor Nederlanders en Zweden die elkaars taal willen spreken.
För nederländare och svenskar som vill tala varandras språk.

Je bent niet ingelogd.


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#1 2008-06-05 01:07:53


Swedish/Dutch/Finnish/Danish/Norwegian games testers wanted

Hi all,

My apologies for spamming (and for writing in English...), but hopefully this post is of interest to some of the users of this forum.

My company U-TRAX translates and tests videogames, mainly into Dutch and the Nordic languages.
We are constantly growing and this means we are always looking for native speakers of the Nordic languages.

We currently have a lot of openings for Nordic games linguistic testers, see the below job advert that we run where ever we can:


U-TRAX, the leading games localisation company in The Netherlands, has recently founded a company fully dedicated to linguistic testing of videogames, named U-TRAX Quality Assurance BV.

With 19 testers and supervisors already working for our company, we are looking urgently for 15 additional testers to cater for the large demand of our clients during this summer.

For the duration of two months (starting second week of June 2008), we are looking for testers for the following languages:
- Danish
- Finnish
- Norwegian
- Swedish

Also, we are looking for a replacement for one of our Finnish testers that is moving to a position elsewhere in our company. This position is for three months to start with, with a possible extension with nine months or more.

If you are a native speaker and a (former) student of one of these languages, if you are accurate and an avid gamer and if you are ready to take on the challenge of working pretty hard for a relative short period during this summer (that is, if you consider playing games hard work), please have a look at the Jobs section of and learn more about us and this exciting and fun job. Why wait - start your career in the games biz by visiting our website now!

Please spread the word amongst any Nordic native speakers that you know, and many thanx to the moderators of this forum to allow one commercial post per company. wink

Richard van der Giessen,
president-owner U-TRAX Multimedia Localisation BV, U-TRAX Quality Assurance BV.


#2 2008-06-08 21:45:44

Mark Sjöström
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Re: Swedish/Dutch/Finnish/Danish/Norwegian games testers wanted

Hey Richard!

Ik wil je wel helpen met de Zweedse kant!
Ben zelf Zweed en 18 jaar. Misschien ook de goede leeftijd er dus voor.

Groetjes Mark



#3 2008-06-26 21:42:00

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Re: Swedish/Dutch/Finnish/Danish/Norwegian games testers wanted

Sorry that I aswell now write in english, but is it possible to start working later in the fall for example? My mother tongue is swedish and my other language is finnish, and can speak/write both fluently.  big_smile And I am ready to work hard  wink



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